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out to the west nothing but clear skies and that's moving in during the course of the day. so should be a mostly sunny day. and allison mentioned the hot temperatures and a good 25 degrees or so above where they should be for this time of year. right now 65 at reagan national. look at dulles, 67. yesterday they had a report hide temperature. i'll show you that in a couple of minutes. and at bwi marshall, very mild and 65. hot this afternoon. high temperature 86 in washington and again a few of us may come close to the 90- degree mark. so more details on the forecast. we'll have much cooler weather toward the end of the week and i'll have more in a couple of minutes. tony, back to you. we continue to follow that deadly mine explosion in west virginia this morning. it is a quiet and serene scene now. but that is only a cover for
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the grief and sadness in this small community. >> 25 miners were killed and four still missing after yesterday's explosion in montcoal, west virginia but the rescue effort is on hold as crews work to ventilate toxic gas from the mine. will thomas is in montcoal with the latest now. >> reporter: good morning. the rescue effort continues. there are still four miners unaccounted for inside and trapped. rescuers were pulled out overnight because there is such a strong buildup of carbon monoxide, it is simply too dangerous. so they are digging three giant holes to vent out the area and about 1100 feet below where they believe the miners are at. they're going to try and let some fumes out so send rescuers back inside. the west virginia governor is with virginia families and saying the families are not giving up hope. >> they don't expect to have
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that completed until sometime this evening andwe can't risk the recovery or search and rescue until we know it's safe enough for the rescuers to go back in. that's what we're dealing with right now and it will be a long day and i told the family that but i can sure you there is no one leaving. >> reporter: a total of 25 fatalities and 11 have been identified. three of them were part of one family, an uncle and two nephews. four member unaccounted for and the rescue effort could take all night. in raleigh county, west virginia. i'm will thomas, now back to you. president barack obama is offering his condolences and any help needed in the recovery. he spoke with the governor of west virginia last night and told him the government is ready to offer any assistance needed. the president is announcing sweeping changes in u.s. nuclear weapons policy today.
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this comes days before he'll sign a new nuclear treaty with russia. doug luzader has more from capitol hill this morning. >> reporter: this is called the nuclear posture review. it's a full rework of how and when we would ever consider using nuclear weapons. the president throwing out the first pitch for the washington nationals. high and outside, but a cake walk compared to what is being planned behind the scenes at white house. it is a revamp of the nuclear policy and the president imposing when the u.s. would consider a nuclear strike. the president tells the nuclear times that is presented a journal. the biggest affront is probably an attack from another country, but terrorism. the u.s. said they will not attack nonnuclear states but
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iran and north korea are another story. they could be targeted. the u.s. will deemphasize the role of nuclear weapons at the request for a nuclear free and just as the u.s. and russia are signing a new nuclear study this week. this is a multi-prong strategy to improve relations with russia so it is essential that they have it. >> it's not clear if congress could ratify the treaty and if it does it could pave the way for more talks. doug luzader, fox 5 news. the president's decision to open up the east coast to off shore drilling, including opening up off shore areas to drilling including virginia. and the governor said it will boost the economy in virginia but environmentalists are
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concern about leasing a million acre stretch of ocean. >> that is not true. we have something in the order of less than 4% of the world's reserve of oil and use more 20% of the oil. and so even if we were to exploit all of the sources of oil, it would have no impact on the price and certainly none on -- with regard to how much oil we import. >> we'll have all of the drilling companies, the drilling and rigging industry, all come to virginia. it's jobs, it's capital investment, it's tax revenues and it's a step closer to some energy independence. it's part of the overall solution. we're happy about it. >> and the department of the interior will conduct investigations into which areas could bring in billing rights and that could bring in billions dllars to the federal government. and we are keeping an eye on another big story this morning. the water main break in northern virginia has forced crews to shut down part of
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route 123 into the beltway. it's expected to tie-up traffic for most of the day. sarah simmons is live on the scene with more. sarah. >> reporter: it's pretty significant out here, tony. this is a 20-inch water main break that we're talking about between international drive and the beltway here on route 123 northbound. and it is expected to tie traffic up most of the day. i just spoke with a v-dot spokes person and saying maybe in 6-8 hours they hope to have a lane open. and this is where the water main break occurred this morning. there is a massive road collapse here on route 123. the 123 southbound is open at this time. now if you take a look at the video, the water was still rushing when we arrived here at 4:30 in the morning. v-dot is saying construction works were working out here
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over night drilling under the roadway for a hot lanes project. 123 northbound could be closed all day but possibly in 6-8 hours there could be lanes starting to open up. now the road is so badly damaged it will take a while to repair it. >> upon inspection of the lanes, the flu lanes, that we'll have to do once the engineers look at it and see the nature anexcept of the damage. it could take two to three days to make road repairs. we won't know until the final inspection is done, hopefully within the next couple of hours. >> reporter: now they are expecting the water main to be repaired sometime today. falls church said nobody is without water. people may be experiencing some low water pressure and that's mainly it. but at this point it looks like a major traffic headache for the next couple of days to come possibly. back to you. funeral seven ises are set
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for two victims of the deadly drive-by shooting in south east. four people died. tavon nelson service's today is at the 10th street baptist church in northwest. davon boyd's funeral is set for tomorrow in maryland. two other teen-agers were killed and five others were hurt. a federal judge has found the mayor adrian fenty in contempt and refused to end federal over site to improve the care of abused and neglected children. the attorney general said the administration disagrees with the ruling and will file an appeal. it turns out that the toddler who died a day after d.c. paramedics didn't take her to the hospital had pneumonia. emergency crews were called to the home and she was having breathing problems. the first crew arriving at the scene did not transport her. hours later the second team
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took her to the hospital and she died the next day. a video leaked to the public is sparking controversy. what has this video captures that has many questioning the military. > and we'll look at how the housing market is doing good in the area. find out if it's a good time to buy or sell. we'll be jack in just a few moments. the time is 9:09. 
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making headlines, outrage over comments on a war video released through the website wicky leaks. it shows u.s. troops opening fire on groups of men, some unarmed. soldiers can be heard talking about how it's, quote, their fault for bringing their kids into the battle. we're talking about some young people shot as well. a military investigation later revealed that what pilots thought was a weapon was actually a photography lense. a routers photographer and his
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driver are believed to have been killed in that attack. the military has a beef with burger joints in war zones it's goodbye to burger king and pizza hut and tgi fridays must also go. they want to remind the military they are at war and cutting back on nonessentials is key to running an efficient military operation. we have a fox 5 follow-up this morning. the feds have slapped a $16.4 million fine on toyota. that's the biggest penalty ever issued by the transportation department against a car company. officials say toyota took too long to tell the government about those defective gas pedals and they knew about the problem back in september and didn't issue the recall until january. they have two weeks to either appeal the fine or pay up. well if your home is on the
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market, you want to listen closely to the next guest. housing specialist steven fuller is back with an update on area home sales. steven, thank you for joining us and steven is the director for regional analysis for george mason university. and when you were here several weeks ago you talked about a new wave of foreclosures to come and what that could mean for people looking to buy with all of the foreclosed homes. is that still the same on a national basis, the outlook. >> the housing maet is much stronger today than it was two months ago. and the march data aren't out yet but we expect them to be quite good after a week and everything is up, single family and condos, prices are up. they are up more in virginia than in suburban maryland.
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the market is much better. but what we see happening now is we're sort of through this foreclosure problem from two years ago except the banks have held some out of the market and putting them back on the market because it is better. so the supply should get stronger and we have a new foreclosure problem relating to the unemployment problems that have persisted here as well as nationally. and so some people are having to give up their houses because they can't afford them any more. it's not as big of a problem. so for buyers, prices will look pretty good and there will be lot to choose from. the supply is getting bigger. for sellers, if they have a well priced house it will be a good spring. >> and we often talk about this area being somewhat recession proof and we're seeing pain in some parts of the city, we're talking about d.c. but on whole the government is a strong supplier and they're always looking for houses so we're a
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little bit insolated, is that the case? we have been protected and we've felt this since any other downturn innocence world war ii and we corrected faster. what makes us different than the other metro areas that i watch is that we have population growth. even last year during the hardest times, we added over 50,000 new residents. they have to live somewhere. and as long as the federal government is hiring, 17,000 new jobs and federal contractors hiring, people here and need a place to stay, that's helped us get through the housing problem here than other markets. >> the government incentive, has that helped for people to sell their homes or get above water? >> well the tax credit certainly helped. i spent last year -- we saw people buying forward. it helps in a strange way. people that might have bought in 2010, bought in 2009 and it
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made the last half of 2009 look pretty good. it took some of the steam out of the early part of this year. but i think it helped. i don't know that we need to continue it though. the market has to stand on its own and it is showing much greater strength now, especially near public transportation, smaller units and that are priced under $500,000, more affordable. so some of the bigger units are having a harder time getting their full price. >> we've seen some incredible things during this time. we've seen people who normally would stay and fight it out walk away from their homes because banks were not willing to work with them and people have lost their jobs and so that's the option. and also i've learned new terminology, short sale. and let's talk about the sort sale and because for folks that want to get into the short sale market. what are the pros and cons of this for the buyer, the one who said this is a great house and price, what do you give up when
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you buy the short sale. >> anybody that is thinking of doing short sale or a foreclosure, if they can afford the payment, they should stick with the house. the price will come back over the next couple of years. if they can't afford the house, then they ought to consider their options and it's getting easier to do short sales which means you sell the house for the best price you can and then the bank accepted that as payment on the mortgage, even though it may not be full payment. for a buyer, there are some strings. these are stretched out. they can be quite competitive. people see a lower priced house as a good deal and they begin bidding the price up. so you don't always get what you think. some of the houses have been abused so i worry more about the foreclosed house than the short sale. the short sale the owner is still usually in the house and trying to get the best price and taking care of it. this wl undercut the prices of other houses a little it so for buyers this is a good time. interest rates are beginning to move up. not very much but they are up
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over 5% now and they'll move up a little bit more over the course of the year. so when thinking of buying, the next three or four months, through september, are probably a hot time in the market. >> steven fuller from the research of analysis at george mason university. thank you for being with us. >> great to be here. tiger woods answers questions from reporters as he gets ready to tee off at the masters. we'll go live to augusta next for his live return. >> reporter: and tony we're in the baseball frame of mind as we are live at prospects sport training. it is a brand new con fence when right now all of the focus is about baseball. coming up we'll tell you about -- oh, thanks for the breeze, baby. we're going to talk about before you play on the field,
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you have to hit the gym. we'll talk about strength training coming up. and before we take you to break, here is the first look at trivia question. what jelly bean flavors were ronald regan's favorite? coconut and licorice, cherry and bubble gum or roasted par sh malo and chocolate. if you want to take a guess now head to our facebook page. keep it right here. and jelly belly owes a great deal to president ronald reagan, don't they? >> yes, they do. 
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all i know is i acted just terribly, poorly. made justin he had -- just incredibly bad decisions and
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hurt people close to me. >> that's tiger's comments yesterday. >> he's making his return at the masters this week and justin gray joins us live from augusta with more on tiger's big week. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that was the moment everybody was waiting for, was to hear tiger, to have this give and take. he's had the sort of staged media events since november. this was the first time for reporters to be able to answer -- to ask him questions and get an if answer. it lasted 34 minutes and in that 34 minutes 48 questions so a quick pace. really touched on everything from his personal life to being back in golf to his emotional response with the fans when he first made it out on the practice course with them yesterday. but again, pretty quick pace. tiger though answering anything and everything. now his schedule for today, he's expected to have a practice round at some point and then also a champions dinner tonight.
9:25 am
and tiger has always gone to that dinner and we expect to see him tonight. and we haven't seen had a public setting like that yet but we do expect to see him out there tonight. and so he's making his rounds around the master's and said he's changed his tune, changed the way he interacts with fans, smiling and joking yesterday, a different tiger out on the course. >> juin, he seemed contrite yesterday. and i think he's done well on each of the interviews since the statement he came out with, the big apology. how are people taking it down there? do they think he handled it well and how did he come across? >> it depends on the view of them beforehand. some patrons think he was contrite but it depends on how you think he was to start out with. >> thank you, justin gray. and donovan mcnabb is
9:26 am
coming to the redskins. how does this affect the future of the redskins? we're talking with former linebacker ken harvey for his take on the move. and get ready to turn on the a.c. tucker is up next with a very warm or let's call it hot forecast in a moment. my mom's shoes.
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there is a beautiful live shot of 14th street. you see the traffic moving and you see the sunshine. bright sunshintoo. and a warm day on tap. >> it looks even steamy out there. >> just a little bit, just a tiny bit. >> it just makes you feel like you're alive. >> does it? >> you make you feel like you're alive when it's hot. >> but the end of the day you feel -- >> stinky and sweaty. >> exhausted. >> and we're complaining about the heat already. >> i am not.
9:30 am
>> you both are. >> i am not. >> it will only be a couple of days and then we'll go back down. and pools aren't open yet but they're seeking out the slippies. >> let's get right to it. and temperatures very impressive yesterday. sunny and hot this afternoon. we've been talking about it. highs later today, upper 80s, a few of us may touch 90 degrees out to the west. if you need some rain or perhaps youwant a thunderstorm for the garden, late thursday and into friday, anmuch cooler air for the weekend. temperatures will be below normal by saturday, our daytime highs only about 60 or so. those are your high temperatures from yesterday and i hope you enjoyed it. warmer today. 83 at reagan national. 86 beat the record out at dulles and this record at bwi marshall 84 from yesterday
9:31 am
beats the record from 1942. so very impressef heat. and it's not just washington. and all the way up toward new york city looking at the possibility of record heat today. 68 in washington. nice start to the day. warmer temperatures today will be west of the city. the water has a moderate influence closer to downtown and out toward the bay it is cooler as well. but upper 80s and near 90 in places like dallas where it is 71. and frederick, currently 75 for you. 74 in fredericksberg. and then there is the cooler air. out toward annapolis, 66 at this hour. so temperatures 5-6 degrees cooler toward the bay. a couple of showers and thunderstorms developing overnight. biggest batch was down south of fredericksberg where we had a couple of thunderstorms blow through richmond during the early morning hours. and that is gone. and clear skies and getting a nice southerly and southwest flow for the next couple of days and we'll enjoy the heat. and it that breaks down and chilling down into the daytime
9:32 am
hours on friday. so good looking forecast here. a lot of sunshine and hot this afternoon. 86 degrees and there is your five-day forecast. close to 90 tomorrow, we're comes the cooler air. thursday is still on the warm side and showers and thunderstorms by thursday. cooler by friday. saturday's high 60 with sunshine. so spring like toward the end of the week. that's it for the forecast. and now to dave ross and sports. you are the man. it was a huge day in sports. one of the biggest in recent memory. and tiger immersed in his own turmoil. donovan mcnabb became a member of the burgundy and gold but we had a dramatic ending to beth basketball. butler coming close to knocking off big bad duke and the win for hey word off the glass and
9:33 am
the rim and no good. coach k and duke gets their fourth championship as they meet butler 61-59. and also the season opener yesterday for the nationals and president barack obama for the first pitch and the white sox hat. the pitch a little bit outside. the early reviews for the nats, a bit dicey. this is ryan zimmerman from virginia beach. off the wall and the geico sign there that will bring in morgan for the only run for the nats. and that's that. it wasn't pretty. this would be ryan howard of the phillies and look what he did to this pitch. that's not coming back. a two-run shot. tacking on nine more runs and beat the nationals 11-1. but we're talking about the big changes to the redskins with the philadelphia eagles trading six time probowl quarterback donovan mcnabb to the skins. how does this affect the future, who better to talk about it than ken harvey, the four time pro-bowler of the
9:34 am
washington redskins. and thank you for coming in and what was your reaction when you heard the news donovan mcnabb was coming to d.c. >> well i know jason and i like him and then you look at the team and say can you win now and what do you need now to rebuild and i thought it was a good move. >> when you bring in a guy who is 33 years old and theysay is he over the hill. we were talking about the quarterback position, about how maybe there is self- preservation and you can play longer as a quarterback. >> and if you have a good defensive ne, unfortunately things have been hard with the redskins. but as long as you have a good arm and don't take the wear and tear, you can play longer. as a linebacker, one bad shot in the knee and you lose your speed and the game is over with. >> and you mentioned the phone -- the offensive line and if you are shanahan or mike snyder
9:35 am
and you have the draft coming up, what do you take? >> this is hard. you want to get offensive linemen and you want to get someone right now. and you have enough players that you can make some moves and build up an offensive line that has some experience because that's what you need now. >> but is there any scenario where they could take -- they won't take jimmy clawson. >> if you have a quarterback toward the back end of his career, you want to build up for the future and you look at the quarterbacks you have now and saying is the number two going to be the number one in the future. there are possibilities. >> so ken harvey saying it could still be a quarterback pick. >> it could be. >> and will mcnabb be able to
9:36 am
command right away. say one of the young receiver, devothomas or kelly, they're not running the right route, will he have the authority to say this guy isn't getting it done. >> your intro, you said six time pro-bowler and the respect is there until otherwise. and he's been there and he knows how to win and they have to do nothing but respect him. he's the man right now. and everything said and done, i don't think he'll prove otherwise. >> and do you think this is a true sign that shanahan and bruce allen are in command and will put their stamp on it and by doing this saying there is a new sheriff in town and new front office and this is new for the redskins. >> u want to build up competition so no player thinks he is safe, and it's competition. and then say you will build up team unit and then at the end you say we're going to build
9:37 am
leadership in the team and so you'll get a quarterback to make possibilities. it wasn't -- last year some of the talent was there and you saw glimpse of it but it never manifested itself. but i think this year you have enough forces from outside to say that you have to do something or i'll sit you on the bench and i will. >> and now before you played here, you played in arizona. when you played the cardinals again, it wast just another game. >> no. it was another game to make them wish and may, man i want to redo -- to every time the hit had the quarterback i would like up at the stands, just because. so i think the question is when they play philly, oh, man it will be a big time. but i think because mcfab came here, to a team in the conference, i think it's a mutual, we'll let you go to the
9:38 am
team and give you an opportunity and so obviously he's going to be strong and it will be a fun game but -- >> and pittsburgh pittsburgh is our resident fan and he's going to be out of his mind. >> don't get on the news and say, oh, he -- >> he couldn't get superbowl tickets yet. >> you want people to keep respecting. >> tony, i don't even know how to talk to you, now. you and allison take it away. >> i'm unlike some others. i'm realistic but i'm not yelling we're going to the superbowl or anything like that. but i think it's good. it's a good move. that's what i think. ken, thank you very much. a former desperate housewife is taking the show's creator to court. what she claims the creator did
9:39 am
to her and the astonishing amount of money she wants. and could there be death threats coming from virginia. what is up with this girl and her death threats. and what kind of jelly beans were ronald reagan national's favorite, a look at our trivia question of the day. the answer is coming up later. keep it right here. we're coming back.
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could death threats again espn reporter erin andrews have started in virginia? the f wants to know. tmz is reporting that the threatening e-mails were sent from someone in newport news. the fbi has confirmed that but they indicate they may have
9:43 am
oginated in the state of virginia. so far no arrests. actress nicollette sheridan has filed a lawsuit against desperate housewife's producer cherry. she said she was assaulted and wrongfully terminated and say she was struck in the face during a taping in 2008. she said he retaliated by killing her off after she reported it to the network. and does this count as a word? we're talking about scrabble. for the first time in 62 years the rules of game are changing. some scrabble purists won't like this. the changes include allowing names of celebities, places and companies to be used. originally the use of proer nouns was banned. that's a big change. >> it is a big change. and i know something that you don't know, is that just tough luck for you? >> if you know a word that i don't know, then you have the
9:44 am
advantage. >> but suppose it's some remote place in like -- >> so you have the advantage. but i think the key here is that it -- it essentially makes the game easier. it's easier to come up with names for companies and places and everything. you could put bob down. that's a name and a word. >> change is good. >> it's diluted the game. all right, the clock is ticking down on the last season of 24 but if yu think you know what will happen, think again. what one key cast member has to say about the series finale. and holly has hit spring training this morning. she has more on how you can train like a pro. we're back in a moment.
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9:47 am
major league baseball season has officially started. >> and this morning holly is doing her own training at
9:48 am
prospect sports training in vienna. >> reporter: i'm not sure i signed up for this. i'm getting ready to flip this tire. do you think i can do this? >> no. >> reporter: just because you said no, ah. i'm flipping it baby. because i feel strong today. joe, tell them how heavy that tire is. >> 300-pound tire. >> reporter: that's what happens after you drink a pot of coffee. [ laughter ] >> reporter: this is joe and he's in charge of the strength conditions here at prospect sports training where we've been hanging out all morning long. and while we've been focusing on the baseball aspect, we have pitching and hitting, being a good athlete starts in the gym. >> that's the fondation. >> reporter: so what do you do here? what is the theory behind this portion of it. >> not a uniform philosophy. we do everything. strength and speed training, injury prevention is huge for
9:49 am
baseball. take a right handed baseball player and swings and throws right hands and we iron out the differences. >> reporter: and let's show people what is going on. you have some of the traditional gym exercises and then other different things. >> we'll come over here with jake. we use this as a bridge between traditional weight room work and sprinting. so in order to pull the sled, which has around 180 pounds behind him, he has to get into a proper acceleration form and why how his body is leaning forward and just like when you spring. >> reporter: from base to base. >> yes. reporter: and how much do you do in strength training from pitching and hitting. >> each kid is different. some need to work on strength and some needs to work on flexibility. and oz trainers, we bring a guy in and assess the player and come up with an individualized game plan for him. >> reporter: and what is going on over here?
9:50 am
>> just like you see on tv, the world's strongest male. >> reporter: need me to move that tire, joe? >> kevin will do a rope pull for us, working on different muscle groups. you have grip strength, core strength, rotating is big and he's rotating from side to side. and you get them out of push ups and pull ups. >> reporter: and let's head over to the traditional gym. and sometimes people may say how young should you have the guys in the gym? >> it depends. each kid is different. i start kids as young as 9 or 10 and aslong as they do body weight. a lot of kids go into the high school and don't have any experience in the weight room and we show them basic weight room stuff and squats. >> reporter: and i want to make these kids do as many push ups as they can with chains on because they both told me they don't like duke. so keep going, i don't want to see you tired out. it's tough here in the weight room.
9:51 am
i want to talk about summer camp and what you are going on there. >> we have two different kinds of summer camp. we have a baseball summer camp and then the multi sports summer camp. the multi sports will be run in here and it will work around some strength and conditioning and then introduce athletes to sports they might not play in season. so a good experience for the younger guys. >> reporter: how long, whether it's your -- whether signing up for a class or summer camp, do you see a difference? >> usually about a month. and if they are diligent and get in here two or three times a week you start to see the progress. >> reporter: hold on, are you tired? >> no. >> reporter: keep going. push out a few more. how do you like prospects? >> i love it. >> reporter: has it made a difference in your game. >> reporter: no. don't stop. keep going. how do we like duke now? no, i will take the microphone
9:52 am
away. forget the chains, i'm going to put a heavy weight on your back. you crumbled under the power. i just had to get it on one more time. is our website. we have a link to prospects sports training. it can make a difference in your game. look at these strapping young gentlemen here this morning. high five, working out. good job, good job. go nats, right? back to you guys. >> holly, thank you so much. we're going to a live shot of president barack obama in the east room of the white house making comments about the mining accident in west virginia. let's go there now. >> good morning, everybody. thank you. please have a seat. have a seat. what a great honor and pleasure it is to have all of you here today. before i begin, i want to just
9:53 am
acknowledge two members of my cabinet who i believe are here. secretary gary locke, and our commerce secretary. [ applause ] >> and secretary janet napolitano who is keeping us safe each and every day. [ applause ] >> i also want to acknowledge the mountain ionen clinton children's chorus for being here and they'll give us a medley later on. there they are, looking very serious. [ applause ] >> before i begin, i want to send my deepest condolences, our thoughts and prayers to the families and friends of the workers who lost their lives after an explosion took place in a west virginia mine yesterday. at this moment, there are still people missing.
9:54 am
there are rescue teams searching tirelessly and courageously to find them. i spoke with governor mansion of west virginia last night and told him that the federal government stands ready to offer whatever assistance is needed in this rescue effort so i would ask for the faithful who have gathered here this morning to pay for the safe return of the missing, the men and women who put their lives on the line to save them and the souls of those who have been lost in this tragic accident. may they rest in peace and my they're families find comfort in the hard days ahead. one of my hopes upon taking this office was to make the white house a place where all people would feel welcome. to that end, we held a sadder here to mark the first -- >> that is the president and you may have notice the pastor joel osteen, very popular with him there as he went up to the
9:55 am
podium and the president is hosting a prayer breakfast and the president taking his time out to pass condolences to those waiting and suffering in west virginia after the coal mining accident. >> very good. we'll have more coming up in a moment. we'll be right back.
9:56 am
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time for the answer to today's trivia question. d tony, you were right, what jelly bean flavors were ronald reagan's favorite. the answer is coconut and licorice. we mentioned a story about the show 24. because we were running out of te, we'll bring that to you maybe tomorrow. and now some big actors turned out for the second largest comic book convention. were you there. >> i missed it this year. >> wonder com drew hollywood
9:59 am
stars and studios are getting in on the geek fest and taking advantage of the marketing perks. >> it's a real barometer to see how people will respond to the movie. because this is a hard core audience. they know the prints and they've been the prince. >> and i knew it would be perfect entertainment when they got the technology to work. it's a great kind of movie to take the whole family to. >> now nicholas cage, what superheroes were those? >> i don't know. cheerleader girls. >> if this summer is any indication, comic book and fantasy heroes are here to stay. a slew of genre movies are slated to release in up coming months. >> nicholas cage was there because he needs the money. he owes the irs a lot of money. >> and he's a superman fan. >> and the new iron man. >> i

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